Favorite Creepypasta-Shortstories #2

BOO! It’s time for another Creepy Pasta storylist, my ears have been diligent and today I miraculously found the time to write something down for the blog. I’m still in the postproduction phase with my masters-film and juggling a few jobs on the side to get by, but I’m looking forward to finish it in autumn, so there’ll finally be more time to execute ideas around here. Anyways, some time ago I switched youtube channels and currently enjoy the creepypastas via CreepsMcPasta. That nice accent of his enchanted me on first hearing! (If you noticed, he also made some guest appearances in CreepyPastaJr’s channel I listened to before!)

(In no particular order:)

1. I wish she’d just be cheating on me (this is an awesome 4 part series!)
2. Cures R Us
3. I can’t remember if I have a wife
4. Someone offered to buy my son
6. I followed a reddit mystery to it’s dark end
7. Remember Smith
8. I don’t know why I let a stranger in my home
9. Mr. Teeth
10. Rotting Pumpkins

If you happen to know any nice creepypasta too, feel free to share them in the comments below. Happy goosebumps!

Photos: Tombud, Stocksnap

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