Favorite Creepypasta-Shortstories #3

It’s still four months to go until Halloween, no deco or scary masks yet to buy, but at least we could throw a look in the mirror after a long day of work and pretend! Fortunately I have a new Creepypasta list to help you get over the annoyingly rainy “summerdays” lately, seriously, if I can’t enjoy looking at cute pumpkins, where is this other big orange thing in the sky to compensate, eh? As usual in no particular order:

1. A package marked return to sender
2. I saw it coming
3. There are secrets hidden in the colors you can’t see
4. Clever
5. He went ahead
6. My son turned a kid backwards
7. I found a strange letter in my hotel room
8. Strange Old Mrs Ippy
9. Bunnyman Bridge
10. I found a strange VHS tape in my basement

If you happen to know any nice creepypasta too, feel free to share them in the comments below. Happy goosebumps!

Photos: Desertrose7, cocoparisienne

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