Favorite Creepypasta-Shortstories #1

Good evening my fellow creeps, uh, peeps. I’ve been pretty overthrown with the final weeks of writing my mastersfilm screenplay, so apologies for the lack of posts! I wish I could say that I did nothing but typing all day all night (which isn‘t far off still) but lucky me also has to push a 15 hour job-schedule, constant stream of organisation calls & messages to plan my filmproduction and the administration for my current livingsituation under one hat, while trying to maintain somewhat of a private life and sleephours. Anyways, one of the times when I‘m practically „forced“ to sit still, is when I drive to work in the morning. I really like my job, but unfortunately it takes me almost an hour to get there, nontheless, I figured out a way to pass the time in means of entertainment.

Listening to the music on my phone‘s playlist got old real fast, so I switched to my favorite source of amateur and professional horror stories – Creepypasta! Oh, how I love this little gem of a website. Creepypasta has basically been around since I‘ve been using the internet, a place where hobby writers would come up with their original fictions, sometimes based on pure imagination, sometimes forming scary stories around photos or memes randomly found on the internet to start a hype or conspiracy. Of course not everything you‘ll read there is gold, it‘s a hit and miss with creative, thrilling, or macabre ones and their boring, badly written or predictable counterparts.

I made it a habit of mine to download an audio-version of said stories and listen to them on my way to work. Their length would mostly vary between 10 minutes and half an hour per story. With this method I listened to over 200 horror-fictions just on the go by now, so instead of getting annoyed with the time I lose for pointlessly sitting around in a vehicle, I see it as a win of time to enjoy a hobby. In my case, the stories are chosen by simply going through the video-uploads of the Youtube Channel CreepyPastaJr (a very sympathetic dude with a striking voice) which makes it fast and easy for me. Anyways, I just wanted to share some of the enjoyable titles that stuck with me, because maybe others would like them too? They ain‘t no Lovecraft or Poe, but I found it funny or exciting what the authors came up with. I could probably turn this into a little series, but for now here are my personal faves from the list in january:

(In no particular order:)

1. My skimask saved my life
2. The russian sleep experiment
3. The art of Jacob Emory
4. A shattered life
6. My son disappeared 6 years ago
7. The Dairy of my life I didn‘t write
8. An empty prison
9. Avoid the Ashby Hotel at all costs
10. I used to run a dead internet message board
11. Mr Widemouth
12. The Trawl
13. The disappearance of my little brother
14. Am I dreaming or am I the dream
15. Dad there‘s a monster in my room

If you happen to know any nice creepypasta too, feel free to share them in the comments below. Happy goosebumps!

Halloween, Pexels
Forrest, FreePhotos
Rockingchair, Stocksnap

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  • Rodrik

    January 16, 2019

    Cool list, I know three of the stories but I’ll definitely check out the rest! thanks a lot for sharing 🙂 Have you heard of “My last Halloween”?

    • Chery

      January 16, 2019

      You’re welcome, and yes I have! I liked that one too. I just wished they hadn’t put all the thrill into the end and stretched the beginning. There is also this one with the bridge that is cursed over Halloween season, where they assume it’s a lost prisoner but it’s actually a paranormal cause, let me know if you know or remember that one, I just can’t find the title (。•́︿•̀。)


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