Stardew Valley meets Harry Potter – Chucklefish introduces RPG game “Witchbrook”

If you haven’t heard yet of the highly addictive and amazing farming game “Stardew Valley”, then have you been living under a rock or behind the moon?! (*cough* Perfect segue to remind you to play “To the moon“, another wonderfully crafted RPG, if you haven’t seen that too, do it NOW or I’ll punch you in the toe!! *cough*)

Eric Barone, who created the game inspired by the Harvest Moon classics, published it under Cucklefish, the same game development and distribution studio who braught popular Starbound and Risk of Rain to us. Now a new project is making it’s turn and could cause even two types of fangroups to faint: Formerly known as Spellbound, “Witchbrook” will basically be a Harry Potter meets Stardew Valley RPG game, in which you can attend a wizard school and experience various kinds of fantasy adventures.

Based on interviews with Finn Brice, founder of Chucklefish, the NPC’s of the game are individually programmed to act and react in very different ways, enabling the player to find love interests, date, get rejected, make friends or even get bullied. The everyday school life is therefore a focus in gameplay, like the struggle to be popular, dealing with embarassing moments or succeed in class by hard work, giving the genre are more realistic touch if you will. According to Brice there will also be a magicspell-system, crafting, brewing and of course farming, next to a fight-system that resembles the early The Legend of Zelda approaches.

If you can’t get enough of this marvellous mix, you can also check out upcoming “Re:Legend” that is currently handled as a Pokémon Go meets Harvest Moon mashup. A release date for Witchbrook was not given yet.

Photos: Chucklefish

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